Hell froze. I bought an Apple computer. And now I should write ten paragraphs on how Apple is supremely better than anything and bait those poor Windows plebs to argue with me. I totally should. Not today though. Even I maintain certain standards for cheap laughs on my own blog.

07 Dec 2021
5 minutes

In 2016 the corporation I was working for signed a contract for building a unified business solution for all of its companies. The project was developed by an external entity, a very well-known name in the industry. We, the IT department employees, were supposed to maintain the new system once it was done. For a brief moment I thought something new and interesting was behind the corner. Then, a few years later, I abruptly woke up to a feeling I had made one of my biggest professional mistakes.

21 Aug 2021
6 minutes

I have spent a few years sharpening my saw and looking for a new professional challenge after 7 years of a decently paid, yet very boring corporate career. Since 2017 I attended numerous job interviews, talked to dozens of recruiters and cancelled many promising processes at various stages. I also heard certain statements way too often and we need to talk about them.

11 Aug 2021
11 minutes

I’ve owned way too many domain names. Some of them I use for actual production projects. Some of them wait for their turn to host a new brilliant business idea. Others I buy for funsies because they look cool. Yes, I agree my spending habits are questionable. But sometimes this is too much fun for wrong reasons.

10 Jul 2021
7 minutes

To say 2020 was a rough year is like saying nothing at all. I still have fresh memories of it so I’m going to jot them down before they evaporate so that I can have a moment of oddly-directed nostalgia in 2030.

15 Jun 2021
7 minutes

Nintendo Switch has always been this weird product I struggled to understand as a lifelong PC gamer. As a citizen of a country Nintendo pretends doesn’t exist I have zero nostalgia about any of their popular franchises. I’m not sure if I ever met anyone who owned any original Nintendo console before. So it was absolutely logical that I found a reason to buy a Switch and see what the deal is.

04 Jun 2021
16 minutes

I enjoy video games. Racing games is a genre I enjoy in particular. I played at least one on every single gaming platform I’ve owned. Some of them took hundreds of hours of my life and here is my love letter to all of them.

03 Jan 2021
12 minutes

[ Disclaimer: Since October 2022 I winded down my Twitter activity and moved to Mastodon, effectively rendering this article irrelevant. Leaving it intact for archival purposes. ] I’ve been using Twitter with various breaks since 2008. Until mid 2010s using it outside of the US made very little sense, but it was steadily gaining popularity while suffocating locally available alternatives until it became the only player in the field. My approach to Twitter evolved a lot and it took me a few years to figure out how to use it in a sane way.

10 Dec 2020
10 minutes

Okay, uhm… How do I start this without boring statements like ‘music has been part of my life since I remember, yadda yadda yadda’. Let’s try this: of all music-related things that happened in my life, none of them I owe to my music teacher or my family. If I could credit one person, it would have been Daisy Dee.

19 Aug 2020
6 minutes

When I hear people talking about how they got online for the first time they often mention dial-up modems or expensive connections over landline phone lines. My story is somewhat different.

16 Jun 2020
9 minutes